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Junior looked at the roomful of stuff that spanned so many decades.

"You know, Grandad," he said, "I didn't realize that so many of the things that we use now and take for granted have only been around for such a short time. I didn't realise that televisions and computers were so recent! You are jolly lucky to have grown up seeing it all happen."

"If you say so," replied Grandad. "Remember, though, that in that time there have been two terrible World Wars, with millions of people killed. I suppose that technology was given a boost by the wars, but only because Governments wanted to have the best possible ways to kill the enemies."

"Yes, I know," said Junior, remembering bits of his school history lessons. "Tell me, Grandad, what did you do in the wars?"

Grandad sat at the pianola and played a tune. When he had finished, he seemed to have forgotten all about Junior's question.
It was as though he really didn't want to talk about war.

"Do you know the title of that tune?" he asked Junior.
"No, I don't," replied Junior.
"It's called 'Young at Heart'," said Grandad.  "Now that you have learned so much about all that old junk of mine, you will be -  'Old at Heart'!"

"Yes," replied Junior. "That's it, Grandad. That's what I want to be. OLD AT HEART!"

"Maybe, when you are my age, you will enjoy showing your children and grandchildren what things were like in earlier years," said Grandad. "No doubt all the stuff you've seen here will look like real rubbish in another fifty or so years. I don't expect I'll be around to see what happens, though."

Junior had great difficulty imagining that he would one day be a father and a grandfather, like Grandad. He said "I'll look after all your stuff if you have to go into a Home, Grandad. And I'll make sure that all the things you have told me and shown me aren't forgotten, Grandad, in the same way that you've done it. It's much too interesting to lose."

"Well," Grandad said, trying not to chuckle up at the thought of still being around when Junior was a Grandad himself, "In that case, let's have another look at that old stuff before Grandma makes me pack it all away again."

While they were discussing old syuff, Junior asked Grandad a question:
"Grandad, have you heard of The Brian Sisters? They were around my age in the 1930s, and made lots of movies".  Grandad shook his head slowly and said "I seem to remember a singing trio that made a hit record of Swinging On A Star; is that the girls you are thinking of?"
"Never mind," said Junior, "But they were very talented."

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