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New Additions

One day, when Junior visited Grandad, he said "Grandad, why do you always show me the things I've already seen, before I can see the stuff you've just got ready for me?"

Grandad thought about this for a few seconds, then realised what Junior was trying to say. The trouble was that, because he had brought from storage and arranged all his old stuff for Junior to see, it was difficult to tell what was newly introduced and what had been there all the time.

"I know,' said Grandad, "I'll make a list of all the new stuff and where it is, so that next time you come you can tell what I've found since last time. I can't put all the existing stuff on the list, but I expect you'll look at it again from time to time. Each time you re-visit, you can look at the list and see if I've added anything to it."
"That's a good idea, Grandad," said Junior.
He had suggested it to Grandad several times before, but until Grandad thought that it was his own idea Junior knew that it wouldn't happen.

So Grandad made a list of the things that he had found recently, in the various hiding places where he had put them over the years. Here it is:

  Carbon microphones, Ribbon microphones, Moving Coil microphones, Crystal microphones, Condenser microphones.

Grandad showed Junior some Fax Machines. One was very old.

Grandad found some of his computer bits:
MOS Technology Kim-1,  Tandy TRS-80 Model 1Exidy Sorcerer, a Magnetostrictive delay line memory, Compaq Portable III with plasma display, Apricot Portable with LCD, Apple Mac, Oric-1 , Spectrum , VIC20

Not before time, Grandad has rescued his old Philips TV-Ette television from the shed.

Junior was interested in Grandad's radiogram. They had a close look.

Junior brought Grandad a microphone for him to look at