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About Grandad's story

'Grandad' is a mixture of a lot of people. You will see that, if Grandad has been able to design and build his own wireless sets in 1920, when he would have been at least, say, twelve years old, then he must have been born before 1908. In reality, the parts needed for building a wireless in 1920 cost so much that a man would have to work for several weeks to earn enough money to buy them, so a twelve-year-old would be unlikely to afford the hobby. The 'grandad' who built the one-valve wireless sets was actually born in 1889, so he would be very old by now!

Junior worked out how old Grandad must be, looked at Grandad's white hair, and said "Gosh, Grandad, you are older than I can imagine!"
Grandad just thought that, in that case, Junior was rather lacking imagination. He didn't feel old at all - just a bit more tired than he used to be. Well, who wouldn't at that age?

Grandad would like to hear from you.

Grandad has taken his examples from his own collection of old stuff, except in one or two places where where he has credited another source. Although Grandma keeps telling him to "Get rid of all that old rubbish," he doesn't see it as rubbish at all, even though most of it is worthless. He tells her - "I could replace some things, but not my collection. You can't make antiques, you know". Grandma doesn't argue any more.

Junior had seen most of Grandad's collection, and asked Grandad where he kept all that junk. Grandma was listening, and without hesitation she said "It's everywhere!" Grandad tried to point out that it wasn't quite everywhere, but he knew that he wasn't going to win that one!

Some of Grandad's good friends, who have their own collections or have helped Grandad with his, are:

T.E. Electronics Ltd.

Lorne Clark's Early Wireless Collection

Grandad is just a tiny bit slower than he used to be, so he is still finding more things in his collection, with Junior's capable help.

Why not bookmark us, and come back soon to see what else they have unearthed?
Grandad has helped you find newly introduced items by adding a 'New' menu item, which takes you straight to a list of recent items.

Grandad's CameraGrandad also says that he needs to get some more film for his camera, so that he can let us see more of his stuff.

Junior said to him "Oh, Grandad, you won't get any film for that old camera!"
"Why not?" asked Grandad. "What's wrong with the camera?"
Junior tried to explain, but it was almost as if Grandad didn't want to listen.

For those who really need to know, 'Grandad' is, in real life, a Great-Grandfather.
Of course, he doesn't really exist in the way he is shown here, any more than Junior does. The real 'Grandad' is quite a bit under 100 years old!